Chapter History

Rho Beta Beta was conceived by a collective group of young graduate members of Omega who sought to give the Houston Coalition of Omega a sense of balance. The charter was submitted on May 8, 1982 to Grand Basileus Burnel E. Coulon and District Representative Clarence Wilson under the direction of Rho Beta Beta first Basileus Bro. Leon Flowers.

Charter Members 

Benjamin Grant, Billy Wooten, Clarence Nicholas, David A. Williams, Edward Brown II, Erwin Lynn Wilson, Felix Weston, Fredrick Hoyer, George L. Grant, Herman Burroughs, Ira Wayne McConnell, James E. Clark, James Johnson, James Pennington, Kenneth Guy, Kenneth Jones, Kenneth Willis, Kervis Thornton, Larry Phipps, Leon Flowers Jr, Lewis Hunt, Lonzo Bryant, Martin Fontenot, Michael Hebert, Odysseus Lanier, Orin Burroughs, Ray Driver Jr, Robert H. Logan, Ronald Lucas, Theodore A. Gilbert, Thurmond Lee, Tony Love, and William Livingston

Since its inception Rho Beta Beta has received numerous accolades and awards at the national, district and local levels of the Fraternity and conducts numerous community service projects each and every year.

Today, Rho Beta Beta is made up of professional Omega men who characterize themselves as committed to the Fraternity's four Cardinal Principles: Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift.



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