Bro. Antonio Brown
Vice Basileus
Bro. Scott Harrell
Keeper of Records and Seal
Bro. Chad Chadwick
Keeper of Finance
Bro. Billy Parker
Keeper of Peace
Bro. Samuel Gilmore
Bro. Quanatas Floyd
Public Relations
Bro. Jason Richards
Bro. Frank North
Immediate Past Basileus
Bro. Gregory Williams


Our service to our community can best be accomplished by the aid of the talented, compent Brothers, willing to rull up their sleeve and carry out the true mission of Omega.

We the Brothers of the Rho Beta Beta Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity would like to extend to you this open invition to involve you in the process of growing and expanding our chapter. Our success depends on ambitious Omega Men to work with us in fullining the mandates of our fraternity. We would like to welcome you and we sincerely hope you will consider our chapter your home.


Make a donation to the Rho Beta Beta Chapter of Omega Phi Phi Fraternity Inc.

Donations go to a notable cause such as Scholarships and Community support.

Brothers, please make payment dues via PayPal or the Chapter Keeper of Records and Seal.

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